Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hiya and welcome to 'A Complete Survival Course plus lots more' -

In 1982 my first SAS Survival Instructor told me that his personal survival kit consisted of 200 cigarettes and £50 in local currency. That wasn't strictly true but it didn't stop me from questioning it either.

Whether you are here because you think that today its a good idea to have some knowledge of what to do in a disaster situation (and you're right!) or if survival/prepping/homesteading as a subject is something that you're passionate about I'm sure that there's lots here to benefit you and which you will enjoy.

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  1. Ha - you know, just yesterday I saw a solar panel for the backpacker with a cell phone, kindle, or even computer. The little video showed this biker with this panel hanging down the outside of his backpack. I SO really need something like this. As far as survival, I truly live the life of an OLD school homesteader. My husband and I live in the far away wilderness of Alaska (at the moment I happen to be in town, but that is not a habit)

  2. Yeah, solar chargers are readily available and probably THE power source for all expeditions. When I say 'expeditions' I include anything where you might be away from a charging source for longer than the battery time of an piece of technology. Some bits of kit are now coming onto the market with their own dedicated solar panel.


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